PRECISION1 FOR ASTIGMATISM BY ALCON: A Next-Level Contact Lens for Astigmatism

Contact lenses offer wearers incredible freedom to live their lives without the impediments of eyeglasses, whether it's playing sports, going to the beach or simply doing day-to-day tasks. 

However, if you have astigmatism — and as many as 47% of people do —  you’ve likely learned that traditional contact lenses are not a recommended option to correct your vision. Instead you need a lens that works with the irregular shape or uneven curves of your eye. 

Some people find that contact lenses designed for astigmatism offer a clearer, wider range of view than eyeglasses, which makes the option even more enticing.

Contact lens technology is developing and evolving all the time. This has led to many options when it comes to contact lenses that correct astigmatism. Case in point: the new technology in the Alcon’s Precision1 for Astigmatism is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your eyes clear and comfortable while doing the things you love.

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Lens wearers know that keeping our eyes moist is key when it comes to comfort. Alcon’s Smartsurface technology puts 51% water at the core and 80% water on the surface of the lens — that concentrated moisture leads to refreshed eyes all day long.

And lens wearers with astigmatism know that stability is also important for consistent vision. Alcon’s Precision Balance 8|4 technology stabilizes and balances the lenses so they stay properly in place. 

So what do these smart technological advancements mean for your eyes? Read on. 

Crystal clear vision

First off, the Precision1 lens corrects astigmatism, and that means clear and precise vision with the freedom that comes with wearing contacts. The Precision Balance technology stabilizes the lens so there is low oscillation, near-ideal orientation and vision consistency with each blink. That means crystal clear and brilliant vision no matter what you’re doing. 

All-day comfort 

These silicone hydrogel lenses are infused with water and use technology to keep them that way — from when you put them in to when you take them out. The Smartsurface tech ensures a stable tear film to help reduce vision fluctuation and retain moisture. The result? Dependable moisture that keeps your eyes refreshed and comfortable all day long, whatever you get up to. 



Easy handling

Another helpful feature of these lenses is their ease of handling. They’re not only easy to wear, they’re easy to care for, too. Pop them in and the lenses settle on your eyes to near-ideal orientation in under 60 seconds. To remove: simply pinch the lens between your fingers. 

UV protection

The Precision1 for Astigmatism lenses come with an added layer of protection from the sun. Offering the highest level of Class 1 UVA and UVB protection available in a disposable lens, these contacts can also help you feel more confident about the health of your eyes — in summer and year-round. Of course, lenses are not enough on their own: be sure to use UVA & UVB sunglasses for maximum protection. 

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If you’re looking for lenses that help you keep up with your active and busy lifestyle — clearly, comfortably and effortlessly — consider trying Alcon’s Precision1 for Astigmatism dailies. These lenses stay moist and comfortable and offer brilliantly clear vision, even when you have astigmatism.

They’re available in a variety of powers. Your eye care professional can work with you to let you know if they’re right for your eyes. 

Want to know more about using contact lenses to correct astigmatism? Do you have questions about what contact lenses are best for you? Contact our customer service team at 1-800-404-7317 or email info@visionpros.com to learn more. We’re happy to help.

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