It’s no surprise our eyes are feeling overworked these days: we’re spending more and more time in front of screens connected than ever before. Whether for work or play, on average we are looking at our phones, computers and other devices for nearly seven hours each day — for some it can be as much as 13 hours. 

These screens emit something called High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as “blue light.” But it’s not limited to our beloved devices. The biggest source of blue light is sunlight, so it can reach us indoors and outdoors.

The problem is that blue light can severely impact our eye health. 

But there’s good news for contact lens wearers. There’s an exciting new lens that helps minimize the potential impacts of blue light while providing maximum comfort and clarity, morning until night. 

The ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day lenses bring together (for the first time) two powerful new technologies: one that filters blue light and one that retains moisture while providing incredibly sharp and clear vision. 

Here’s an example of how blue light can affect eyes. When we’re looking at digital screens, we blink less — as much as 60% less. When our eyelids close less frequently, our eyes’ tear film can be compromised, which leads to dryness and irritation. 

Indoors and outdoors, blue light “scatter” is also a concern. The high energy of blue light, which comprises 33% of our visual spectrum, is more challenging for our eyes to focus on. This resulting “noise” leads to reduced contrast and strain. And tired eyes!

The Oasys Max lenses tackle these problems head-on with TearStable™ Technology and OptiBlue™ Light Filter, an exciting combination that is available for both near and farsighted prescriptions. 

Here’s why hard-working eyes are going to love them. 

Maximum Comfort & Clarity

Looking at screens or spending time outdoors for extended periods can make eyes dry, leading to less-than-clear vision. Acuvue’s TearStable technology provides all-day comfortable wear that is super sharp, bright and clear. 

The eyes’ tear film works in two ways: maintaining vision quality and eye surface health with a smooth and stable environment. Tear-like elements of the TearStable technology work with your natural tears to prolong tear film stability and optimize moisture. A wetting agent works to retain moisture on the lens surface and throughout the lens itself. This results in a slower rate of tear absorption — and more comfortable wear.  

Benefits of Acuvue Oasys Max with TearStable technology:

  • Longer-wearing comfort with locked-in moisture — indoors and outdoors
  • Sharper and clearer vision, day to night
  • Reduced screen fatigue

Maximum Protection

Did you know almost all visible blue light passes through the lens and cornea of the eye — and our eyes are not good at blocking it?

Exposure to blue light, especially over time, can damage retinal cells. This can lead to vision problems and contribute to cataracts, eye cancer and other issues. 

The OptiBlue Light Filter in the Acuvue Oasys Max lenses offers the highest level of blue light filtering and protection against harmful UV radiation in a contact lens. So wearers can have peace of mind knowing that they have the maximum level of blue light protection currently available. 

Benefits of Acuvue Oasys Max with OptiBlue Light Filter: 

  • Reduced light scatter, halos and starbursts
  • Filters 60% blue light from electronic devices
  • Protects against 90% UVA and 99% UVB light

Note: These lenses are not a substitute for UV absorbing eyewear. To ensure maximum protection, use UV absorbing sunglasses. 

If you experience tired eyes or reduced clarity, or if you work long hours outdoors or in front of screens, Acuvue Oasys Max lenses might be the option you’ve been waiting for.

Vision Pro will be offering Acuvue Oasys Max lenses starting May 1  in Canada. Get in touch with our customer service team at 1-800-404-7317 or email info@visionpros.com to learn more.